TIBCO Cloud Capabilities

TIBCO Cloud provides your business with easy access to capabilities that simplify the way you connect applications, unify data, and turn decisions into actions. Through a single platform with global availability, TIBCO Cloud provides you with the most optimal path to digital innovation.

TIBCO Cloud is hosted within Amazon Web Services (AWS).  With your TIBCO Cloud account, you can choose from one of three AWS regions located within the North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific geographical areas.  Within each region, the following services provided by TIBCO Cloud are deployed within each of three separate Availability Zones within an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to ensure that they are highly available.


High Availability

  • Automatic selection of availability zone to execute your applications based on available resources.

  • Automatic switch-over of your applications to a new availability zone if they go down or stop reporting status.

  • Automatic scaling of your applications across multiple availability zones for high availability - load is distributed evenly by TIBCO Cloud.

Security, Privacy, and Compliance

  • Multi-tenant platform with logical separation of customers

  • Built with privacy and security in mind

  • GDPR, ISO27001, SOC2/3 and PCI compliant

  • Encrypted network traffic and data storage

  • Hybrid connectivity options

  • Dedicated support from TIBCO Compliance and Security team

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Management

  • Service to encrypt/decrypt end user entered secrets

  • Encrypts secrets before storing in a docker volume

  • Decrypts secrets by mounting docker volume to the application container

  • No plain-text secret is available in the container as a file or as an easily accessible environment variable.

Role-based Access

  • Create, update, manage and navigate across multiple organizations (e.g. dev, test, production or marketing, sales, HR)

  • Multiple levels of controls per organization (e.g. user, team member, administrator)

  • Control, govern, and throttle API consumers based on roles and rules.

System Reporting

  • Detailed CPU and memory usage metrics per-application

  • Streamable logs that capture system parameter information

  • Publicly accessible

Operational Dashboards

  • Visual and streaming log-based job and activity task statistics

  • Memory, CPU, bandwidth, statistics, and transaction monitoring per application

  • Out-of-the-Box integration for popular application monitoring solutions and leading integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), container, and cloud solutions

Transaction Tracking

  • Log key transaction audit events from apps running in the cloud or on-premises

  • Define and visualize complex transactions across applications

  • Optionally use blockchain to store the hash values of your transaction audit records

  • OpenTracing support for distributed applications (for hybrid deployments)


  • Access to Dedicated technical support via phone, web, and email

  • Access to Customer Success Team that brings together users with the technical support team

  • Access to Developer Success Portal for dedicated developer assistance

  • Access to In-line interactive help throughout the platform

  • Access to Free online technical resources

  • Sample tools to manage and monitor integrations with 3rd party tools

  • Complete support details available at https://www.tibco.com/services/support





  1. Runtime traffic is handled directly and not part of backup